April 10, 2018

Belated good news:  Spectral Platforms is one of 10 Step 1 winners on the AMR challenge Winners were announced 3/27/2017

January 20, 2018

Qsub on InSpector-01 submitted to the FDA

Nov 10, 2017

Clinical study of InSpector-01 ends at US site

March 2, 2017

Company closes Series A3 investment round

Nov 17, 2016

Patent application "Albumin-based non-covalent complexes and methods of use thereof"  published at USPTO site 

Nov 11, 2016

Clinical study of InSpector-01 begins at US site

October 10, 2016

Clinical study of InSpector-01 ends at UK site

August 22, 2015

Clinical study of InSpector-01 begins at UK site

July 5, 2015

Company closes Series A2 investment round

September 22, 2014

Study of InSpector-01 with artificially spiked samples ends at UK site

July 2, 2013

Company closes Series A investment round

Febuary 28, 2013

Patent application "Rapid detection of metabolic activity" published at USPTO site

January, 2013

Initial PreIDE submission on InSpector-01 to the FDA

January, 2012

Initial clinical study on screened biomarker conducted at US site

June 2011

Initial screening of biomarker that can detect/characterize pathogenic microorganisms

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