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Home InSpector

Current Issue

Most patients with a respiratory tract infection RTI will not benefit from an antibiotic ~ the infection is localized by the immune system, and will eventually be cleared.  The only patients with RTI who do benefit from antibiotics are those with "breakthrough bacteremia", where the infection has spread into the bloodstream; but these are a very small number of patients.

Despite this, antimicrobial use for such patients have been increasing over the years, and varies widely from practice to practice.  Given the cost of the antimicrobial use (including the actual cost of the antibiotic, and the cost of the resultant downstream illnesses), many clinicians advocate a "no antibiotic", or a "delayed antibiotic" regimen for such conditions.

Benefits of Home InSpector

A rapid diagnosis of "no bacteremia in the bloodstream" is more likely to convince patients with an RTI to accept a "no antibiotic" or a "delayed antibiotic" prescription.