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Our technology is based on a photo initiated reaction cascade, wherein one of the steps is altered by the interaction between the pathogenic microorganism and one of the proteins present in our assay.  The magnitude of this pathogen-protein interaction is a function of the number of pathogens present in the sample, and their metabolic activity. 

We can alter this by adding a varying amount of antimicrobial to the assay ~ as the antimicrobial concentration increases above the MIC, InSpector-02 detects a change in our photo initiated reaction cascade.

Development status

We have proof of concept data on the efficacy of the concept with several different combinations of pathogens and antimicrobials.

We are now working on industrial design, and plan on initiating clinical studies in 2017


Previous studies indicate that the mortality associated with sepsis is fairly high (roughly 90%).  if the appropriate antimicrobial is delayed by over 24 hours from hypotension.  By contrast, the mortality is only 50% if the appropriate antimicrobial is introduced within 6 hours.

Our tools make it feasible to switch from a broad spectrum to a narrowly tailored, and appropriate antimicrobial within 6 hours of a blood draw.

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